As we know, It’s already a month since we had micro teaching in mmsel class. This week, we learnt much about class management.

How was it?

I will tell you later about the topics.

Now, I want to share about rule and regulation in a school. Is it really should be exist like it’s written in the paper?

Two weeks ago, I heard something happen in my vocational high school. A girl student was been drop out from the school because of a social network. This girl took her photo when she was hanging out with her friends. She took photo while she was bringing a cigarette. She said that it was a joke when she was interviewed by reporter.

There is a rule in my school that said students should not consume a cigarette and it is a must. Everyone that crosses this rule will be deported from the school although he or she is a teacher. And I heard that she was deported from the school already.

First, I think that this girl is really miserable because she knows that her parents already work hard to pay her school fee. But back again, I think that it was not only her fault. I think deeper, maybe her environment, maybe her … bla bla bla bla bla … we should consider many things when we should decide which one the one who are responsible with this.

And back again I think, what is the use of SCHOOL? What is the goal of the school? Is it really just for keeping a good name of school?

The purpose of the school is to educate, isn’t it? I just think that maybe yes, when this student was deported from the school, she would be wary. Then how if she would be stressed because of could not accept the way people seeing her?

From this, I want to reflect that to solve any problem which against the rule and regulation, we don’t need to dispose the one who did it, the thing that we should concern much is how we make that one realize what she or he done is wrong.

It is good hearing someone said that “look at that school. They can change the misbehaved children become so nice. It is awesome.” isn’t it?

Quote for today,

“Repair, Not Destroy”


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