The case:

When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

This is what we called as student’s misbehavior. Based on what I learn in the last meeting of MMSEL’s class, the way the teacher threats the students is not an appropriate way. Removed the students from the class will not make (s)he becomes good. Give students understanding without harm them is better. Threatening students like this, will not make them respect to the teacher. It will be more difficult for teacher to deliver the message if students do not have respect anymore. Understanding to the students here means, deliver the students the effect of doing this or that, then giving an example of good modeling in school is also an effective way to treat the misbehavior students.

The first beginning of class should have good approach to the students. Giving the rule for an effective during learning process is good to build them how to be responsible and take consequences for everything they did. It will build also student’s moral development.

Once if the case happened, teacher also should know the rational background that makes students act like this. Giving treatment to students without knowing the reason, it might have mistreated. Mistreated will lead the problem to another problem, so just be careful to treat someone. Different case, different reason, will have different treatment also.

My reflection as a whole from MMSEL’s Class

I do really happy to share and to learn about motivation that really close to my life. The way we share also should have a strong rational, either from theory or even from others successful person’s experiences. The activity during learning also never bored. But, I reflect that most of the lesson used jigsaw technique. I will miss the way we share our experience, somehow was really shocking, somehow also bored. Bored because the sharing sometimes conduct dominantly by one students. But Ms Mima always tries so that other students have a chance to share. 😀

I just give suggestion to the weekly reflection on blog. The same routine activity did during one semester will effect to the students tiring point, if there is no interaction on that. So, I suggest to bring the content of reflection to the class. Giving feedback was also an effective way to make students to be more motivated to the reflection, isn’t it? 😀

This is the last, I hope not the least with you guys 🙂

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