This is the last reflection of MMSEL class. In the end of the lesson is Zahra’s group who taught in MMSEL class. Her group is managed well in the activities, and then I like the last activity t make games to answer the questions. The game is way smoothly; also it can motivate us as a student. Her group talked about Dealing with Students: Violence and Aggression. This content is very important for teacher candidates, because this lesson learned how to deal with students’ problem behavior. It is happened in the real situation, many problem behaviors that have to face by the teacher. So, as candidate teacher this lesson is very useful as our preparation to face our students in the future. There are 3 dealing with students’ problem behavior. There are Management strategies, dealing with Aggression and Classroom and School-Based Program. It can apply in the school to make our students more discipline and obedient.
MMSEL class is very useful for us as a teacher candidate. There are many materials that can be applied in our school in the future. For example, how to manage well the classroom, how to motivate our students, how to dealing with student’s problem, etc. So, it can be our strength to be a teacher.

“The number of books her students read improves significantly after a teacher implements a reading incentive program; however, after dropping the program, she notices that few students read during their free time”

Based on the case above, I agree with the reading incentive program. It is because can motivate students to read. It is can be extrinsic motivation to students, because the motivation comes from the existence the program. With that program, students can be motivated by other students who read, reward from teacher who read book more, also reinforcement for students who not read, etc. So, it is can make students are motivated to read. Extrinsic motivation, more and more can increase students intrinsic motivation to learn. With the program that is extrinsic motivation, for the long time will produce students’ intrinsic motivation. It is proven with the number of book her students read improves significantly after a teacher implements a reading incentive program based on case above.