today our class have guest lecturer. she is a elementary teacher from SD Kembang. She has the colorfull presentation with tittle I am Happy teacher. She tells us about her experiences in their teaching.From her, I know that she has a very managed class. it shown when she tell us about how they make a rule in class to manage the class and how hard she prepare the material for the students, because the school does not have the exact text book for the students from the publisher. So, all the teacher have to make their own textbook.

The most interesting thing that she shared in this session is when she told us about the making rule and regulation in the first meeting or in the beginning of the class. It is for make the students know about their can or can not and make the class organized well. She also make the regulation and put in at the class with the colorful poster. She also told us to make the rule with effective way. dont use so many “Don’t..” in our regulation. It make me think to make the rule and regulation in my class. because, when the first time i came to the class and teach the 1st grade I think it is impossible to make the agreement with them. they do not know about what is regulation. that is too abstract for them. But after heard about her explanation i think it is possible and we have to intriduce them to the new things; Rule and Regulation.

She also told us how to handle the students with disability. The most important thing is we have to explore about their uniqueness. about their ability. I will try to implement what she said in my class. I hope it can work to my students.


Eritha Sitohang