Effective classroom…

This week, we discuss about effective classroom, from the beginning of the lesson until the last minutes of the meeting.

How teachers open the class, how teachers prepare the material, how teachers show their appearance, how teachers arrange the seats, how teachers manage the class, how teachers manage the time, how teachers involve students to the learning process, how teachers make activities that appropriate to the material, how teachers and students make a rule and regulation, and so on.

It is not the simple thing that can we do suddenly. It needs lots of practice to make an effective classroom.

What is the purpose of making effective classroom?

Of course to make the teaching and learning process is going well, “well” in so many aspects.

When the effective classroom as already built, then students can understand the material easily, in appropriate and effective way.

Imagine when teachers want to make group discussion as the activity in the class, and then the space of the classroom is full of tables and seats which were like the traditional arrangement and the amount of students are big enough. Is the group discussion going to be well and effective?

The answer can be yes or no. it depends on how the teacher solve that problem. There are so many aspects that can make an effective classroom, right? 🙂

Again, imagine when the space of the classroom is big enough, with little amount of students there, the teacher make seats arrangement becomes a circle or plots, is it going to be easy to have group discussion activity in this situation?

Come back again, the answer can be yes or no. why? The condition is already good enough, but if the teacher could not be good in time or class management, it will be useless.

What I want to say is, we could not just say “oh, this is an effective classroom” or “this is not” only from one point of view. We should consider so many aspects as we can, so that the teaching and learning process are going to be well.

Just think, can effective classroom be done in the school which doesn’t have lots of resources, books, or technology?

You know the answer, right 😀

Yes, of course it can be…


Quotes for today,

“Wherever we are, however the class is, whenever it takes, an effective classroom can be done there as long as teachers and students commit to make it effective”


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009