Case 2: The chatty student

When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

In this case 2, actually the student is in the wrong position. That chatty student can disturb learning process inside the class, but I totally disagree with the way teacher solves the problem.

To face this condition, teacher should make an agreement together with the students in the first meeting so that students can make it as their guide to do activity in the class. Besides that, teacher also asks students about the consequence if they do some mistakes. It can make teacher easy to give the punishment or consequence for students.

Well, the other important aspect is about the reason why “chatty student” acts like that. Junior secondary student is not a child anymore, so we can ask him/her about his/her reason. Then we can overcome the problem by analyzing the reason.

Then about teachers threaten, I think this is not appropriate for that mistake. Teacher should think, can that punishment make him/her aware on that mistake? Sometimes, we do not need to punish students like that. I think that if we punish them like that, it will make them repeat their mistake, maybe they do not like to learn or lazy to follow learning activity in the class, it will make them so happy. Besides that, it will lose the meaning of learning and the main function of school. Teacher should think the other punishment and always keep the main core of learning.


Comment about MMSEL:

I am so sad because I cannot attend the last MMSEL class in this semester. I am sure that the last session is very enjoyable. For me, whole MMSEL sessions are very interesting and useful. I can get much knowledge how to manage the classroom, face many students who have different characteristics, motivate my students, and even motivate myself. Then I can find my soul as truly teacher candidate. I know that becoming a teacher is not easy, we need more struggle to pass this life journey, but I think that if we use and put our heart, it becomes nice and interesting. I personally sure that teacher is my best profession, I like teach, I like stand in front of my students, and I like to be their friend in sharing knowledge 🙂

Keep on fire!!!

Keep learning

Keep on our way as a teacher candidate!

Cheers 😀

Arum Febriani (2009110029)