Make The Last Become The Best


This week is the last week we get MMSEL class (T,T)\. Anggi, Firzie, Septi, Yeni and Zahra are the facilitator for this meeting.

Now, I don’t want to share about the topic. My friends might already share a lot about it. I want to share about “the facilitator”. Get ready to read my writing, Anggi’s group 😀

We already learnt much about class structure, teacher characteristic, well managed-classroom, effective classroom, developing interest in learning activities, etc. we already learn much in every meeting, guys 🙂 do you realize that from the first week until the last week since our friends become the facilitator, each group shows the better and better strategy every week?

Believe it or not, every group already implemented the topic that we learnt in the previous week. Maybe you just think, “what activities that we will use, ya?” but unwittingly, u think about appropriate activities that should you use in your group turn. It is like already automatically happen like we breathe without we think.

I see that the last group is like a mirror that already sees and reflects another groups’ performance. This last group is the improvement of another group behind. This was already including the topics that we learnt before. It’s very impressive J.

This shows us that much you learn, much you be better.


Reflection for the whole meeting in MMSEL class,

From the whole meeting in this class, I learn much about motivation. It is not easy but it is also not difficult. Not easy because we dealing with people (our students) that have different condition of everything. Not difficult because actually every teacher can learn and try so many activities available to make appropriate lesson plan. We just need to understand deeper and deeper. The more we understand, the more we know what we should do then. Teacher is not the one who teaches in the class. Teacher is the one who can take a lesson and learn from students then make better and better another lesson plan for the next and next meeting. Learn long life is a thing that teacher should do.

This course really increases my motivation to be an educator. I cannot motivate my students if I cannot motivate myself. That’s a very basic thing 🙂


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009