Last meeting for MMSEL course and I’m happy, because this last session is time for my group to guide this lesson. My group consist of Anggi, Firzie, Septi, and I. The topic is about Dealing with Students: Violence and Aggression. Before the class is began, my group prepared the material and discuss the way to deliver of topics, which is using Jigsaw, TGT, games, etc.

Firstly, the class was began by JIGSAW. Means there is expert group and heterogeneity (topic) group. What the lesson that I got from this lesson, I’m very glad because what the topic that we learn in the class before, we can practice in my own classroom. Then, it will helpful for us when we would apply the theory (topics) that we got in our college to apply in the classroom future. 🙂

Although this session for the last, we build all of the MMSEL course as batu loncatan” for teaching provision  in the future, isn’t it? 🙂


When a “chatty” students fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior high secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the students removed from another teacher’s class.

Regarding for this case, what teacher did will give positive effects, even for students or teacher itself. Why I said will give positive effect, in this term positive effects means that in that situation teacher need to decide destination when there is a chatty students, and s(h)e choose to remove the students. Therefore the class will come back to normal situation.

Nevertheless, based on my opinion, the teacher need to consider about the cases’ background, is the problem caused by students? or indeed teacher itself? It seems like a reflection. Then, the teacher can assume this problem as minor intervention firstly, and then teacher do investigate again to know the cause of problem deeper, in order when s(h)e decide a destination, there is no regret.

Then, the step of that should take out for this case are: use non-verbal. It’s very necessary to make rules and procedure in the class and input this problem to the rules and for the consequences who are ignore this rules is based on student’s agreement, Therefore, when there is a chatty students, there will be right punishment or consequence which is agreed by all class member.

Reflection for the Whole MMSEL’s course

The course is about motivation –> how to motivate students in learning process. So do I, this course also the lecturer can be motivated me in learning MMSEL. There are so many lesson that I got form this session, that are we collect the stock of teaching(learning) strategies for teaching in the future in order we are the really next generation of teacher who can make Indonesia better by education , hopefully. Special thanks for Bu Mima who are guided us for MMSEL course and share about your personal experience during you teach. It will became my reflection for me. 🙂