As you know, Time passes so quickly. I am happy because I have finished studying MMSEL for a semester but  I am sad because for one semester, I have not used the time well to learn MMSEL.  Nevertheless, I have to write my final reflection. Yah, this is  my last reflection of MMSEL course. this about analyzing a case.

Actually, I cannot say agree or not to the teacher action in the case of “The Chatty Students”, because I believe that every teacher has different ways to solve existing problems in the class, especially with regard to the students. For example, in the case of “The Chatty Students” it happened when a chatty student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class. It may be the best way according to the teacher concerned. But if I am in the position of that teacher or I become a new teacher in a school, I must consider in advance about the ways I would take, I should think about the impact and influence of my actions to the students.

As new teachers, we must know the background of the students because according to the theory of multiple Intelligence, everyone has their intelligence. Beside that, the step that should we do in the beginning is making classroom rules or agreement  (by the teacher and the students). Then if there is a violation by the students, we can provide minor intervention, begin by giving non-verbal cues until providing a choice to the students. We also have to reflect on teaching methods that we use in the class. Because our methods may influence to the students learning. if the provision of minor intervention and our teaching methods are not effective, we can provide Moderate Interventions.

We must remember that sometimes the punishment can lead to greater resistance from students. Because of that, becoming a teacher is not easy. I am very pleased to attend this MMSEL course. I learned many things to become a professional teacher, I hope the knowledge that I learned in MMSEL course can be useful and help me in the future.