This is the last reflection for the whole semester period of MMSEL Class, in this reflection we were asked to reflect and analyze the Case in the Module.

Case Study 2

When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

Reading this case give me interpretation that the teacher threats the chatty students, if she does not stop her disruptive behaviors, teacher will remove the student from the other class taught by her.

Removing students from teacher other class appears to have positive effects for both teacher and student. The teacher receives relief from the aversive task. Unfortunately, both inappropriate student behavior and teacher’s removal of the student are likely to be repeated in the future, thus creating a negative reinforcement in the future because both teacher and student seem to benefit from a sequence of event that in fact has impact on learning and achievement. This also does not solve the disruptive behavior of the student itself. So I think giving that kind of punishment will only show how temperament the teacher was.

Being chatty in the class is not a very disruptive behavior, so it can be managed by minor interventions first. The minor interventions, such using non-verbal cues to make student be silent can be used. However, it is mentioned in the case numerous interventions had been used but failed to handle the disruptive behavior. In this case moderate intervention may be used carefully. Talk to students personally to student then tell her what will she benefit by showing the positive behavior,  Move student sitting near teacher chair or let the student sit alone will make the student don’t have friend to talk, this would handle the chatty behavior. However, if the student still being chatty and disrupt the lesson, teacher may instruct other students not to talk to chatty student during class.

Reflection for MMSEL Class:

I really love this class, because in this class I can reflect through my whole experience while in the school. Also, almost the knowledge that I learn in MMSEL class are very practical and closely related with my daily activity as teacher candidate, as learner and also as individual. MMSEL class also teach me to see from others perspective, to think from different point of view. I want to say thank you to bu Mima who already work hard to manage the class and make us understand on what is mean to be a motivating and professional teacher.