Before writing my reflection, I would like to say sorry to Miss. Mima because I am late to post this reflection. It is not my want, but my condition made me not able to post this reflection on time. I have to take a bed rest for a week and I could not do anything at that time.

In MMSEL session, on Wednesday, class was handled by a guest lecturer, her name was Miss. Arum (same with me, hehe), she came from SD Kembang and she taught there. Her topic was about “I’m a Happy Teacher”. From the beginning, Miss. Mima has said that we could get much knowledge from Miss. Arum, moreover for me, because I prefer taught elementary school than secondary school. I did not know why I choose to teach elementary school, whereas my friends ever said to me that students in elementary school were more difficult to be handled than secondary students, but I thought that elementary students were nice and kind. My perspective made me stronger to be elementary teacher; at least I could meet them everyday J

In MMSEL class, Miss. Arum shared about her experience when she taught in SD Kembang. She shared many interesting things, but here I would like to discuss some points. She shared about making rule in classroom. In the first coming to the class, teacher should set classroom rule together with students, so that students felt that they were included in making rule for themselves. After listening to Miss. Arum’s explanation, I had a plan in making agreement with my students in one of private primary school. There I taught the first grade so it could be useful to build students’ discipline and responsibility toward themselves from the beginning. And also I got the other lesson; it was about making statement of the rule. It would be better if we did not use the ordered sentences, such as “don’t……”, but we could use the positive sentences so that the statement gave positive spirit for students. For example, “if you want to go to toilet, let’s ask permission to the teacher”, that statement was more positive and easy to be read. It also could teach students that they had to ask permission if they would go to somewhere.

And then I learned how to handle students who had difficulties in learning. In my class, there were two students who had difficulties in learning and their teacher had given them a label as special students, they also sat beside the teacher so that they could follow lesson well. But I thought that it could affect their self-esteem, they also could feel that they were extremely different from the others. Then, I would know how to overcome that problem in the class. Miss. Arum suggested me to find their ability, because every student (even person) absolutely had ability. Then I would like to look for their ability and facilitate them so that they could feel that they were valuable.  

After this session, I felt that my soul was in elementary area. I love children and I love their attitude, their expression, and their honesty J


Arum Febriani (2009110029)