When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

In this case, it is about how a new teacher tries to manage a student with a misbehavior (chatty). I cannot agree with the way this problem handled. It is not necessary to go this far for an intervention regarding this misbehavior.

Threatening students is not a best way to make the problem stops. This kind of punishment will only raise students’ anxiety toward teacher (if happen) and for sure we cannot expect students to respect the teacher by threatening them.

There must be a reason why this student act this way. As teacher, we should find out the reason and give intervention according to the reason behind the act. The numerous interventions that been tried may not work because it is not effective. The main focus is not about how to keep this student quite but why this student always talks. Teacher should find out this first before giving intervention. Personal approach to this particular student can be helpful.

Setting class rules and regulation in the beginning is very important. It needs to be done together with students, means that they need to understand and agree on the rules and regulation with the consequences. It’s like having a prevention of any misbehavior in the class. So, when later there is a “chatty” student, s/he knows what the consequence. For the consequence, it has to be something appropriate. In this case, I think it is not wise to have the student removed from class (even another class). it will impact this student badly since s/he looses her chance to study in class. If it is possible, avoid this kind of punishment.


Final Reflection

Our MMSEL class is coming to an end. Somehow, I feel relaxed and also sad. I really enjoy learning in this class, it’s very fun but of course meaningful. There are many inspiring and great lessons I learn during the whole session. I learn a lot from Bu Mima, my classmate, we also have guest lecturer, and also I learn from my reflection. All the topics about motivating students and creating well managed classroom are very useful for me as teacher candidate to learn how to conduct effective learning. I also reflect on my own experience being a learner. This is a great chance for me to understand myself as a learner and in the same time I also learn how to be a good teacher who motivates her students and has a well managed classroom.


Never stop learning!
Never say goodbye~
and for our final test tomorrow, wish us a GOOD LUCK!
Thank you~