Owh, this week must be a great week. If for certain week we learn from our colleagues, so in this week we have a guest lecturer from the other school. Actually, the lecturer is a teacher in SD Kembang and the name is Ibu Sekar Ayu Adhiningrum which is called Ibu Arum.  In this session she has shared her experiences in teaching grade six at SD Kembang. Because of grade six is enough to accept some rules which is a little formal, so Ibu Arum makes a rule in order to manage her class. When making some rules, Ibu Arum agrees that her students has to involved in that, because the age of sixth grade is enough to make agreement (rules).  Then, I agree with her.

Ibu Arum said that each student in her class has a task. For example, student A has to write the schedule in the schedule board. So, if there are new schedules, student A has to responsible about that. Then, another student have different task, such as guide pray before study. I think, these habits make student to responsible and independent in their live. Besides that, it also makes Ibu Arum’s tasks easier in managing the class.

She admitted that her class in SD Kembang is well managed because of it is small class. The total of student is 12. However, when my classmate asking about how if Ibu Arum manage the large classroom? Then, she can’t answer clearly and conclusively.  However, I’m really proud of her. She always improves her skill in teaching by looking for creative method from some books and other resources. I think, she is enjoying her teaching, that’s why she titled her presentation as I’M HAPPY TEACHER.  The tip that I interested is any tasks have to be done early. She is very inspiring.

In managing classroom is our challenge as candidate of teacher, especially a large class. This session motivate me to make every moment in classroom is learning, I have to bring my curiosity.

Ulfah A.