This is the last reflection related to the MMSEL’s course this semester. I felt happy, because finally the 5th semester is ended, but other side, i felt sad because this MMSEL’s course was very interesting course and the lecture was so friendly and motivated the students to learn.

In this reflection, the lecturer asked us to analyze several cases from the module. She asked us to choose one from two topics given. At first, i felt confuse which one that i choose to be analyzed. Then, i decided to analyze the case 3: Beligerence as the topic.

Below is the synopsis of the case:
Synopsis: A senior secondary school math teacher loses her temper when a low-achieveing student engages in disruptive behaviours and refuses to comply with her demands to stop.
Key concepts: communicating effectively, establishing positive relationship, power struggles, students efficacy.

As a teacher, it is very important to build a close relationship with our students. It is our responsibilty to know what they fet and they want and to give them impression that they are accepted and they are part of community/classroom.

Related with the case, before teacher decided what they should do, it is wise if teacher try to explore the students personal background. Is this student have problem in his/her family, problems with her friend, etc. By knowing the background, perhaps it will help teacher to make a decision, find the reasons/motive of the students and also help when the teacher negotiate with the student.

To deal with that, to explore the personal background of the students is not an easy task, so we need to communicate effectively with the student. In communicating, very important for teacher to pursue the students to believe that we will help his/her. We need to use the personal approach to know why the student refused to stop.

Perhaps the problem related with academic aspect, because the student is a low-achieving student or perhaps other problem influenced her/his disruptive beahviour. Teacher need to establish positive relationship with this kind of student. By using this relationship, teacher can improve the believes in her/his self that he/she is a good person, talented and then tell her/his to use his/her talent in good way. The self efficacy of the students will help her/his to contribute in this class.

The last is when the students still in uncontrol situation, teacher need to state the rules. Tell her/his that the behaviour can affect other students. Teachers have powers to manage the class.

Sufyan Suri