Finally we teach!
Even this was for the last, but it was not least. As our group preparation, we did some discussion and looking for the source of material a few days before. We did distribution of task among us (Anggi, Firzie, Zahra and me), based on sub topic that will we teach. Actually we got a bit confuse in separate the subtopic for group activity in the class, because the subtopic in this topic was a bit much, but finally we could manage it well enough.
We did distribution of material that have to mastery in our intern group personal. Zahra had to mastery the subtopic about Management Strategies (Minor Interventions, Moderate Interventions and Using other as resources). Firzie had to mastery the subtopic about Dealing with aggression (fighting, bullying, and Defiance). Anggi had to mastery the subtopic about Classroom and school based programs (Social –enhancements , improving, social – adolescence, and 3C). And me, had to mastery the subtopic about Diversity and education. As we know that in our teaching we used games. And for prepare that games each of us had to made some questions and answer key based on the subtopic that we have to mastery.

Actually for some subtopic I still did not really understand yet, maybe because the subtopics that we have to teach are quite much and we distribute the subtopic for mastered. However when time to teach is come… I was became more understand by teaching!

How came? Because when we teach, I could hear the other friends’ point of view, other arguments, and other ideas when they share each other after they read the material. So it made me more understand about a part that I still didn’t understand before.

By this, I realize that Teaching is Learning Process, when we teach it means that we were learning together with them. If we already known first, we will understand more by teaching and if we still not really understand yet, we will be understand by teaching. Suddenly I remember a statement from my teacher when I was in Vocational High School, she said “sebenarnya guru itu bukan berarti lebih pintar dan lebih tau dari siswanya, guru hanyalah belajar lebih dulu dan lebih tau lebih dahulu dari siswanya.”

And I think that’s true.

When we face Belligerence students, what should we do? (Case 3 in module)

First the teacher has to build good communication with that student, asks the student to stop her/his disruptive behavior’s patiently. Show that we are care and love her/him, tell the benefit if s/he do not disrupt the class and also tell the consequence if s/he still disrupt the class. Teacher has to build more patience and power struggles in her heart to deal this kind of cases.

I think students like this case should not be threated by violence but with gentleness and patience, but teacher still keep distinct. So that, students will feel that they are cared and loved by the teacher.

Reflection for whole semester

Learning MMSEL course is interesting moreover it was taught by Miss Mima, who always creates a joke when she explains the material and create the activity that make me fun to learn, even we learn with fun but still serious to catch the content.

During we learn MMSEL course, some topics were related with Educational Psychology course. We use some psychologies theories and use Psychology book as our source. Anyway, psychology is interesting for me, so it make MMSEL become more interesting for me.

I hope all knowledge that we’ve learned in MMSEL will be useful one day when we are becoming a teacher. Hopefully we can be good teacher in the future. Aamiin

That’s all my reflection, forgive me if I have mistake during this semester, good luck for all for the final exam.. ^_^