Hmmm…this is the last meeting in MMSEL course. The topic is about how to dealing with misbehavior students. Then, the case study was when a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

In this case, I think a teacher has a problem. May be she don’t have idea how to deal with that student because she is still a new teacher. As our topic in this week, we can deal with misbehavior students by intervention. We can do minor intervention such as move closer to the student, do eye contact, directly tell to stop, until give choices to students. If minor intervention is fail, teacher can talk personally to the students and give them choices what they really want in the classroom. Besides, teachers also have to reflect with their teaching method. Perhaps student feel bored, then doing chit chat. However, students are our mirror. So, as a teacher we have to patient.

In this case, I think teacher has no patient enough. Giving punishment to students is justified, but we need to consider what kind of punishment that makes student learn. Don’t we give punishment which makes them keep repeating and also makes their self esteem becomes decrease. I hope, we can do proper way in handling misbehavior students in the future.  

Reflection for MMSEL course:

I really enjoying in join this course. Every meeting in this course, I’m very enthusiastic. This course and the lecturer, also my colleagues always give me inspiration. I believe that as good as a course, if not supported by a qualified lecturer, and then it would be useless. Thank you so much, Ibu Mima. I hope I will be a teacher as you, perhaps more than you.

 Ulfah Alawiyah