The Chatty Student


When a “chatty” student fails to keep quite, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

In this cases stated that the teacher is newly teacher in the school. I don’t know exactly the style of his/her teaching but in this case but actually he/she has problems.

To dealing with student with problem behavior, many interventions should he/she implement in the classroom. Minor intervention; eye contact, move closer to the students, directly and assertively tell the student to stop, and give the chatty student choice, in the classroom should implement in class first to deal with chatty students. Teacher should be more patient in tackling this student because sometimes the student feels uncomfortable with the teacher style of teaching.

If minor interventions are not make the chatty student quite, teacher can use moderate intervention such as withhold a privilege or a desire activity, isolate or remove students, and impose a penalty. But I preferred the detention first. Teacher need to speak one to one to the chatty students and asked the student what do she/he really want in the classroom. I thought if teacher are asking personally with assertive style, the chatty student will realize that he/she make the teacher uncomfortable with his/her chatty.

If personal approach cannot make the chatty student keep quite in the class, teacher should give him/her choice and consequence. But to threaten him/her in the class would make the chatty student braver with the teacher. It because if I was him/her I will tried to self-defense of my own right to speak up in the class in front of the teacher. It will also make the chatty student underestimated by the teacher.

To make the students removed from the class is not really a good choice of solving this problem. As a teacher, we should try as many as we can to make our students better. This is related to teacher professionalism. We can gave the chatty student punishment and tell assertively to his/her parents.

The bold point I got in this case is the teacher is not patient. Teacher was really temperament. He/she cannot manage his attitude toward the students with problem behavior.

End of Reflection

Thank you Bu Mima for being my lecture of this course. Actually MMSEL course is really good for me to reflect on what I did in the past when I was in junior and high school. I was a naughty student ☺ . but I didn’t ashamed of it. If I become a teacher and facing the naughty students like my self, I know how to solve their problems because what I need is reflect on my past experience.

Reflection on this course made me also realized how important of being a good teacher and good educator. Probably many people underestimate the teacher profession but they did not know the importance of teacher for their children later on.

That’s all for my last reflection of this course.

Good Job Friends!
See you on Final Test MMSEL and next semester.


Pientha Glenys Amanti