This last meeting, my group were going to present a topic how to dealing with misbehavior students. Based on the second case in module, “chatty students” how to handle it? First what should we do is identify first. The case is “a chatty student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.”
Well, from this case we could interpret that might be the teacher already did many intervention for the student that chatty. However it didn’t work. It seems from the words (despite numerous interventions). The first possibility is this student chatty but infrequent, then might be teacher only use minor interventions. However, it seems that this chatty student disrupt learning activity in always talking. Such numerous interventions are useless. Then, there are some possibilities too, the intervention is not effective enough in handle this students. Based on this situation, if minor intervention is not work, teacher should do moderate intervention. In this case teacher do moderate intervention by remove the privileges to join another class. This issue is very harm since relate to other teacher classroom management and also teacher also remove students’ right to learn another subject that might be she loved it much. The way teacher threatens students might be not false, but also not true, since it so hard to handle student like that.
Might be it would be better to reflect again with the language art teacher before he/she treat the student like that. That is natural for people to talk and socialize even when learning process, for example if she/he want to ask friend or discuss. But, might be the time is inappropriate. This is the task for the teacher to realize appropriate time for speaking. If children talking during discussion and project or other, then just let it. We don’t need to make intervention for it, then if students talk during our explanation, the task for us to really make interventions. Might be in this case, the rule and procedures have big role in make the intervention. To handle this student, as teacher we should make agreement to the time for speaking / respect. There are time for teacher speaking other listening. Students speaking, others also listening. If this rule still not effective might be teacher could gave some consequence in the rule. Somekind of punishment and other. It would be better if teacher state the rule don’t listen to your friend if I’m talking, then students will neglect this chatty student. Or just said no peer disruption. It would be better. If it doesn’t work, then might be it would be better when we already state the consequence first for students who chatty before really remove the students from another class.

MMSEL Class:
I’m enjoying the class. The learning process is not lecturing always, but more full of fun and activities. Learning process also establish the constructivist learning method. We could build understanding by our discussion. Lot of fun, lot of smile, lot of discussion. The material that been brought also meaningful and have big role when we teach later.
Thanks for Ms. Mima who not only teach us Motivation but also build our motivation during the learning process. Double motivation..hehe…See You Miss…