This week was my turn to teach. The topic was about serious management problem: violence and aggression. It mainly talked about how teachers should be dealing with such of things. The funny thing happened was, to prepare the teaching, we almost infringe what our material says not to do. Eventually, I think our session was quite a great success. Even though it was quite boring at the beginning because of the long material, but at the end everybody showed excitements toward the competition. I was glad to have it.

About the case, this was about a student who made his teacher lost control because of his disruptive behavior. The problems occurred here were the teacher lost his temper and a student’s disruptive behavior. From the teacher perspective, he clearly needs to have a better self-control. It is not easy I have to admit, but also not impossible. The teacher needs to be aware of his position in the class. If he is freaking out, it will give a bad role model for the students. He will also loose respect from his students because they might get afraid of him. The teacher also needs to establish good relations with students so they will not be students who dare to challenge him because they are just simply care to him. A good communication is also needed here to make sure that both of the teacher and the student share the same vision about what a good class is. With a good communication, the teacher will be able to convey his wants properly to the student. The student refused to stop maybe because the teacher asked it in a wrong way. On the other hand, teacher has power in class. He only needs to make sure that all of the students know it well. It does not mean that he may be a dictator but means that the class was under his management. The students need to accept and respect him as their teacher, who gives some weight in the shaping of their future.

From the side of student, he should have a better attitude. He has to learn about respect and adjust himself to the environment. When he is disruptive, it means that he doesn’t care with his surroundings. He only care to what he wants and didn’t mind to make another students bothered by his action. This student also needed to establish good relations with the teacher and his peers. Maybe, this student just simply wants to seek for attention. That is why the teacher has to be smart in handling the troubled student.

Firzie B. Ravasia