I’m a happy teacher… yeah this title is presented by Miss. Sekar Ayu Adhaningrum. She is one of teacher at Sekolah Kembang, and she focus on 6th grade, because she is hometeacher (wali kelas) for that class. This time for her to lead us in learning MMSEL’s course.

What a wonderful learning is, I get so many elements that I have fulfill for teaching in the future, Miss Ayu shares about her experiences since she taught, that are about classroom management: rule & procedures, lesson plan, class activities etc.

Actually, in the first semester my school observation is in Sekolah Kembang, then about Miss. Ayu’s explanation about her teachings’ experience, I already known based on my observation in the last time. Tends to design Rules and Procedures (R&P), it’s necessary to design rules and procedures students willingness and teacher also. The important part in designing rules procedures, especially for elementary is about the words that is used, how to delivery the message. We (As teacher) need to design word which is acceptable for them (students), clear, detail and reasonable. For example:  in Sekolah Kembang there is R&P: Datang ke sekolah tepat waktu dan bertanggungjawab terhadap tugas; memakai pakaian yang bersih dan rapi (there is no uniform white-red, instead of only one uniform). Miss. Ayu said that we have to consider in designing rules and procedures which is the R&P should be appropriated with class necessary.

Preparation before we teach, it’s very  essential. It means I need to make lesson plan, because when we will teach without any preparation it will be messy, isn’t it?. We cannot avoid that we feel so lazy to design a lesson plan for teaching, therefore it will help us if we design lesson plan for long-term (means: don’t design lesson plan for once teaching), at least we finish to make lesson plan two week before we teach in the class. Miss Ayu shares about her tips for designing lesson plan:


O yeah, we need to design Back up Plan. It will help if there is our planning that isn’t run away as our wishes (planning), that is:

                             Back Up Plan

I’m interested about Miss. Ayu word, :

Be proud on what you have done and don’t afraid to show it to the world”… This word come from her experience since she is being a teacher, there are some people who are not good thinking about teacher as her job’ choice. So do I, for I’m proud to be one of new generation of teacher (educator), because I believe that all elements is started by education, and education cannot separate with the educator.