This week we have a guest lecturer, she is Sekar Ayu Adhaningrum (arum). She is a homeroom of grade six classes in SD Kembang. This week, she shared her experience for being a happy teacher as a homeroom teacher. First is we can set our class into our own world, how we make rules (make a unique word rules for example: run in an appropriate speed, clean what you mess, playing ball in a right time), routines (pray before and after study) and class setting (chairs, desk, map, cupboard, and many others). Second is making a yearly plan, for example: lesson plan, unit plan and weekly plan. In making a lesson plan we have to put detail on it, like what book that we used, what page or what kind of games, what worksheet(In preparing worksheet we need to put attention to the font and picture) and what kind of activities. Why we have to put detail on it? Because we can avoid some emergency case like if we are sick and need another teacher to replace our position which is need guidance.

In teaching class we need to focused on how clear is our explanation, can students understand?, be relax and trying to be on time on whatever schedule and be careful on your mood since we are students’ model in school. Mix method that teacher use is also important, Miss Arum sometimes using a role-play, presentation for class or a visiting presentation from senior class to junior class (it is different from what we know), and asked students to bring a souvenir from each hometown. Miss Arum also said that a backup plan is really needed for teacher. Why? Because some students have a different learning development (faster and fast), some students do not has interest to learn that day, the electricity or internet is off. To cover this problem Miss Arum propose some alternative ways for example: ask students to make a journal for a particular or all topics (this kind of task also helps students to learn writing better), ask one student who has a faster development to teach his/her peers, and provide games or activities that cover all material.

One of these activities is Read Aloud Activities, teacher read aloud one story and stop reading for several paragraph and asked student what, who, where, when from the story, after that teacher ask one of students that good in reading to read the book for class. In review book topic we can use guessing method, teacher read one story and stop reading in the half of story (climax step) and ask students to make their own version of the end of the story.

As the final task of study, teacher can ask students to hold an exhibition, write essay about 5W1H of Indonesian book that translated into English or in science study is to create an animal that can survive in particular island, food source and climate. In the end of semester we can also give a certificate for each of students but differently, for example for being good students, on-time students, good leader and many other.

At last, in school teacher is not only the one who delivers material to students but also how we build a good relationship with students through being a friend and counselor for them.

I think that is all from me.

Thank you.

Richa Fatimah (2009110007).

For MMSEL class.