The lecture in this time was very inspiring. We did not learn about the theory of motivation and we also did not do Role-play about motivation or teaching as we did in the last few weeks in MMSEL course. This time, we learn from a teacher who did direct practice on how to create classroom climate conducive and effective, we also learn about the application of the theory of motivation in the elementary school classroom. The teacher is Ms. Ayu  Sekar Adhaningrum (or we can call Ms. Arum), a  teacher from Kembang elementary school .

I remember about my experience several years ago when I made ​​some observations (School experience) in Kembang elementary school. I saw how the teachers teach, including Ms. Arum. I also watched how the students learn with pleasure. I was surprised when I saw the situation and condition in kembang elementary school. This was caused by several things, namely:

  • The students of Kembang elementary school do not wear uniforms like other schools in Indonesia.
  • The students do not sit in rows, but sitting in groups.
  • The students are familiar with the discipline and order.
  • The students do not use text books in learning like other schools do, they learn from the papers that have been made by their teachers. The paper contains the material and student work sheets, of course, it made as attractive as possible.
  • In one class there are two teachers.

Some items above were similar to what was described by Ms. Arum. And we were satisfied get a direct explanation from Ms. Arum as one of teacher in Kembang elementary school. I learned many things from Ms. explanation Arum, which is about how to create an effectiveclassroom climate and conducive. Actually, It is a material that I often learned in class. Unfortunately, I only learned the theory, although each semester i do school experience but i feel do not have enough time to implement the theories that I have learned.

From Ms Arum, I learnt that Teaching students about the discipline does not mean we have to impose a standard rule. Actually, we can invite students to make the agreement so that the rules that apply in the classroom is the rule that they make by themselves. It can foster a sense of caring and responsibility because the rule is “from and for themselves”. In addition, the study does not mean that teachers should keep lectures in front of the class. Actually, many things can be done by teachers in teaching their students. Learning methods and media can be options that should be explored in teaching so the lesson will not monotonous. Example: students can be invited to perform role-play about a story. In this role play, students can learn from their roles and characters in the story or they also can learn from their friends. Another example is using a music in teaching. Students can learn many things from a music, such as language and knowledge of life.

I believe that every teacher is very familiar in making lesson plans, but teachers also need to have back up plans, because the lesson plans that are made may differ from the real situation. and the most important is communication with parent because the parents should know their children’s development and parents should understand the plan of teachers in educating their children.

That’s all my reflection this week, I very pleased to learn in MMSEL course because I not only learn about theory but also learn from a happy teacher.

Daenuri Suhendar