Case 2: The Chatty Students

Synopsis: When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

In my point of view, there are two mistakes that this teacher done

1. She threatened her students

For me, threaten student for any kind of mistake is not a good choice. Why? Because if I am the one who is threatened, I will be as defensive as I can to protect my self and it would also happen to students. If we threatened them, then they will offense us back through another delinquency. Consequently, it is caused another problem, not even solve the main problem. So, it will be better for teacher to avoid using threat to make everything works. The thing we can do is giving student a choice.

2. She choose moving over her student to another teacher’s class as a problem consequence.

Hand over a problem to another person is not a good character of professional teacher. Sure, there is a time when we need other’s help, but still not to move over the responsibility. In my opinion, the choice to move the student to another class is a loser typical style. Why? Because they always run away after the problem comes. If the student is moved to another class, does the problem to her chatty solved? I thought none could guarantee that. So, the teacher should not have moved the students to another class.

There are plenty educative punishment in books and Internet. Teacher can do intervention through punishment. Teacher can improve her management strategy by keeping the activity moving. She will chat if she had nothing to do. If the activity in classroom goes tightly, she will not have time to do much chat. For instance, teacher could give her more tasks than other student so there will be no time for her to keep chatty.

Whole Semester Session

 One word Seven Letters: A W E S O M E !!

Thanks to Ibu Mima and Section A who have helped me to learn so much in this course.

I really loved every session conducted by Ibu Mima. I thought it is happened because of Ibu Mima’s affection in teaching MMSEL. I wish I could join another Ibu Mima’s class next semester.

The thing I cannot forget about this class was E-REFLECTION. Every week all of class member should submit it online. Well, it is quite stressful since after every monday afternoon I had to write my reflection for that day session. There were more than 14 reflections I wrote, 600 words in average. Congratulations for my self. I could practice writing my idea in English comprehensively.

I felt so lucky because my classmates were very enthusiastic in learning so it is created a motivating environment. Indirectly, it also affected my mood to learn. I wish my friends and I could implement what we have got in MMSEL course when we become a teacher in the future. What we have learned in 14 weeks will be useless if we do not implement it in our classroom. Thus, we will implement the theory and knowledge we had to create a motivating classroom for our students to promote their learning.


Vanny Septia Efendi