After several weeks being facilitated by our own friends, now we learn from Bu Ayu Adhaningrum or usually called Ibu Arum from SD Kembang.

In this meeting, she shares her experience in being a homeroom teacher for six graders. There are several privileges that a homeroom teacher can get in order to manage the class. The first one is setting the classroom rule in the first day. This is a very important thing to do to create the environment of the classroom and to make sure the class management is gong to be fine. The point that Bu Arum highlights is that when making the rule, she involves the students in the process.

As homeroom teacher, bu Arum also has the authority to assign students to be classroom officers. For example, to guide the pray in the morning, to fill the attendance list, to create notes of classroom assignment, and so on. This action is not only beneficial for the teacher as a form of help in managing the class but also for students to train them responsibility and social skills.

In academic aspects, a homeroom teacher should prepare comprehensive teaching plans. Bu Arum tells us that in making lesson plan, we should not procrastinate, because a good preparation is inline with a good resources and smooth execution. Making the plan includes making worksheet and providing toolkit. Although these two objects seem simple, but when they are not well prepared, it can disturb the execution.

Talking about plan, back-up plan is very important. Back-up plan, or usually called plan B, is needed when students are too fast in accomplishing the task hence the time still remains or students feel bored with the learning. Some examples of back-up plans are make students who has finished the task to help their friends, making journal, and providing games and books if all tasks are already accomplished.

In giving assignment, as homeroom teacher, bu Arum said that she should be sensitive in students’ daily life. For example in giving assignment that needs internet access and printable products. She should think of the possibility of some students who cannot print the task or students who do not have internet access at home. Homeroom teacher should decide the deadline that considers such situations.

Homeroom teacher also cannot be separated from administrative work such as making examination items and report of achievement.

Being a homeroom teacher is not merely being an academic advisor. Teacher will also be a friend, counselor, and even parent for students at school. Sometimes students like to share their private life story and it is just fun for the teacher to hear it. it also happens when they share their relation with friends, whether they have a fight or make up.

Another thing is the relation with parents. Teacher should create a healthy relation with parents. Sometimes they argue on teacher’s teaching plan and teacher should be open-minded in dealing with that.

Overall this meeting is really meaningful. I learn about the practical aspects and best-practices in being a teacher. However, I should also be aware with the context. Some best-practices cannot be applied in the different condition. Some strategies may work in sixth grade class and some may work in secondary classroom. The important thing is being sensitive with students’ characteristics and prioritizing students’ needs.