This week, MMSEL class has a nice guest from Kembang Elementary School, Ms. Arum . She is a teacher in the grade Six at Kembang. It is a nice design Ms. Mima invites her to come to MMSEL class, because there are so many applications about how to manage the classroom well that I have got from MMSEL course before. Ms. Arum explains what and how to manage her class in Kembang. I got so many knowledge and motivation to do the best for my class in the future. As her experience in Kembang school, for the first meeting, teacher have to be design a rules for classroom, what should be done and shouldn’t by students. The rules are made by students, then students more appreciate and respect for their responsibility. Beside the role, Ms. Arum explains how to design a nice classroom. She told us that to be a teacher, we have to prepare any planning for our teaching. It is not only one plan, but also have to provide plan B or C in order to face the unpredictable situation. The third one, she is talking about the setting of her classroom. Her class is designed appropriate with the activity. There is circle setting, group setting and so on. So, teacher is more close and easy to touch her students.

I think that Ms. Arum is expert one to teaching students in Elementary school. I like her designed and her creativity of teaching. Some students’ hand creativity is shown. Her teaching is interesting and make students know deeper the concept of the material. It can motivate me as a teacher candidate to teach students well and interesting. I learn more from Ms. Arum to prepare planning well, design rules in the classroom, design nice activity and how the well interaction between teacher and students.

However, there is something that is my question. We (SSE students) are designed to be a senior high school. Then, there are so many public schools that have big students in one class. I mean, there are about 40 students in one classroom. Teacher should be handled it and well in classroom management. My question is how teacher can design a nice and effective teaching and learning that can be well classroom management with the big number of students. I think it so hard and be challenge for a teacher. For the small classroom, I think teacher can handle the classroom more easily because teacher can focus only for some students. It is different with the big classroom. However, my questions have answered in MMSEL course. Like my reflection before that I wrote about how to manage the classroom generally. Thanks Ms. Mima for teaching us and Ms. Arum that has share the nice experiences to be a teacher. I sure that I want to be a best teacher.