Being a happy teacher, that’s’ what she highlighted on her presentation. She is Ms Ayu Sekar Adhaningrum, teacher from SD Kembang, one of the precious schools in Jakarta. She happy to be a teacher, because every meeting we can find the challenging ones. Faces students and be an apart of building student’s development is really fascinating. Although sometimes students are confusing, but they are really unique with their character. Although she is from psychology not education major in her previous higher education, but she do really interest in teaching when she had a consultant who are a teacher. Then she being a teacher, and find her passion on it. Her stories motivate me enough and empower my passion on teaching. That’s a good kind of lecturing session, meet with the one who loves teaching and ever apply it by them self.

What I got from this MMSEL class session is being a teacher need good preparation. Although we teach same subjects for many years, it will not guarantee that the method and material that we give is appropriate for students. It because every students have their own uniqueness and every time the knowledge will develop as the time growth. So, that’s why being a teacher also means being a long life learner.

I will explain something that I learn from her at this session. First, the method she used in class is cooperative learning at most, so students are asked to be active to share their ideas, find their own understanding by guidance from students. Second, rule and procedures become the most important part at the class. Besides giving a practice to students to have social responsibility, rule also will help them to create positive climate learning at the class. Last is about understanding the students. Know what you face in class and get closer with them can make teacher easier to deliver the material in class.

From this session I reflect to story when I was an elementary student. I thanks to God that my teacher really patient to teach students likes me. Like what Ms Arum tell us that she possible cannot teach other students not from school which is not as precious as Kembang, because the total of students who are not having a good manner like Kembang’s. I also reflect that most of teacher in Indonesia are good. Then if citizen and government are serious to solve education problem, I believe that Indonesia will grow better. So, the key for world improvement is the teacher. I proud to be the teacher candidate.

I always happy to do what I love, sharing knowledge and having beneficial for people.

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