A guest lecturer was coming this 14th week. She was Ibu Arum from SD Kembang. My first impression about her was that she was not comfortable to talk in the front of us. However, as the time went by, her anxiety was melting down. She basically shared her experienced in teaching a 6 grade class of a private school in an elite society. She told us that she is a happy teacher. She said so because apparently she loves what she does. It struck me, again. The key of happiness is by loving what you are doing. I will be doing teaching, mathematics teaching. Do I happy about it? If you ask it now than I will be lying to say yes. Not the matter of teaching but the second part of the phrase that I worry about. Everybody here knows what I feel about my ability on Math. Ask them if you do not believe. I do not have to tell you again here what my passion really is, right? So, again I have to admit that I am afraid. I am afraid that I will not be able to love ‘it’ and ended up as an unhappy teacher. People say that love can’t be forced but it seems like I have to against the proverb for this. I have to start to love ‘it’, but how? May God be with me for this.

The most important thing that I learned from Bu Arum was back up plans. I have to admit that I almost never made any of it for any of my events and agendas. I am a kind of idealist person that only want one best way to do everything. Alternative, for me, sounds like failure. That is why I always make a detailed planning for almost everything. But then, I realized that backup plan is also part of a perfect execution. Why? Because, we can’t read God’s mind. Everything is possible to happen and we have to ready for that. The most possible thing to happen in our class is the time error. Many things could happen to cause time delay in our class, and it is really frustrating for me. Whenever it happens, I am always freaking out. In accordance to that situation, I really need to work out with my perception on backup plans. Yes, I need to change the way I see it so I will not consider it as a failure of a perfect plan anymore.

Firzie B. Ravasia