So, Happy (late) New Year everyone!

Here we go, MMSEL class with another great facilitators, Namirah-Lega-Meti, and wonderful learning experience.

Let’s begin the new year with positive mind and many wishes! For this class, I hope it would be just exciting as always. Fortunately, it was. Topic for today meeting is Planning for Effective Classroom, divided in to 4 sub-topic so it means there are 4 groups in this class. We were given the jigsaw material and then discussed it within the group. Later, we switched group and discussed again. I never tired (yet) to this method since I like talking very much.

We shared many great ideas about planning effective classroom together, based on what we have learned up until now. It’s about two more weeks to go before final exam, so we need to always look back to what we’ve been learned.

In this meeting, once again I realize that having rules and regulation in our classroom is very important. And it needs to be done together with the students. Rules that created such always refers to students background and characteristics. Although students have their voices regarding the rules and regulation, as teacher we need to always make sure that it is appropriate or not for the condition. For instant, rules for primary students and secondary students should not be always identical. Since we have to consider their developmental stage. Children and adolescent sure have different characteristics in behavior they might show.

We had the activity of making rules for both primary and secondary students. From this, I learn how it is differ between this two. I remember back what it is like to be in primary school and what children in primary school usually think and how it was when I was in high school. It is very different, the typical delinquency that I might do.

Making this rule and regulation is very important. It’s part of setting the first tone of the class. I believe that if we want to have a managed class, it’s necessary to make it all clear in the very first beginning. I will invest my first meeting to do this with my students later when I have my own class.:)