This is our 14th meeting for MMSEL class. In this meeting, we have general lecture session with MS. Sekar Ayu Adhaningrum aka. Ms.arum. she is primary 6th grade teacher in SD Kembang. She is also the alumni of SFTI. The theme for this session is Happy Teacher. In this general lecture meeting, she shared her experience teaching and being homeroom teacher for 6th grade students in SD kembang.  She told us that being homeroom teacher for a class give advantages for us as teacher to make the classroom as our own world. Our own world means that we can set our own classroom rules, but of course the rules and regulation we set also need to be discussed with our students.

She told us that in setting classroom rules for primary students, we should put more attention in using words to describe the rules, because primary students need a clear, detail, reasonable and easy to understand classroom rules. Having that kind of rules will be very useful, especially for teaching primary students. This because many of students in primary level still could not think as adult learner, who can maintain their own behavior, so by having a clear, easy to understand rules and regulation will make it easier for teacher to manage students in the class.

Ms. Arum also told us to be a well prepared teacher. Well prepared means that we had to prepare our lesson plan before we teach the students, because lesson plan can be our guidance in delivering our lesson and managing classroom activities. She advises us to at least have planned for our classroom activities for at least 2 weeks in advance. Ms. Arum also shared some tips for us to gain inspiration for classroom activities. She advises us to do design the lesson plan in place that would make us enjoy, so inspiration will come smoothly. As professional teacher, Ms. Arum told us that we should  update our lesson plan for each year, although we have been teaching for some years, it is very recommended to always use an up to date lesson plan, this is to make sure that we won’t get boring in teaching and also to ensure our teaching is appropriate for students.

However, having a lesson plan is still not enough without having a back up plan. Having a back up plan is very important, because we do not know what will happen in our class when we conduct our teaching.  Sometimes some students may finish earlier than expected, in order to avoid those students disturbing other student.  We can give them additional task, like asking them to write journal or doing TTS games and etc.

As teaching is job that always demand for decision making, teacher should always be ready to make decision for whatever condition happen in the class. Having a detailed lesson plan and back up plan will give us many advantages to conduct teaching, but when all the plan does not work, it is teacher job to decide what to do. So, to be a good teacher we should always be ready to make decision.