This week, the materials were delivered by guest lecturer from SD Kembang, Miss Arum. The class setting was designed like sharing session because Miss Arum shared about herself and her teaching experience. Much lesson learnt that I got this week because the experience made me reflecting to myself.

Besides shared about herself and her teaching experience, she also gave us many tips to design our class effectively and how to face bad students and annoying parents. Mostly the experience and tips that she shared is the application of the theories that I already learned in class MMSEL, but she applied it with nice activities. The way she applied the theories made me wondering.  Here some her experience and tips that I noted:

To set our own classroom rules, we should involve all students in that process.  We can ask to our students to establish and write down the rules by their self and their style. Miss Arum showed us the example. Students wrote down the rules and drew some pictures on several papers. Their rules looked like not a rule because all students did it so fun.

As a teacher, we have an authority to organize our classroom setting. As the example, teacher wants to set the table in letter U, use some boxes to collect the works of all students. As a note, to give assignment for students, we should see our student’s character and their limitation.

To create comprehensive lesson plan, we should designed in detail until the page number and it should be understandable. Then, if we got ill, someone can help to substitute us to do teaching. There are some tips to create lesson plan; 1) write clearly like write the objective, indicator, and detail sources, 2) write comprehensively, we can read many books to make our lesson plan more comprehensive 3) write it down in relax to the ideas come smoothly 4) write it on time, as example it should fix two weeks before the deadline. Then, you can revise it again if there is miswriting or misinterpretation. When we create a lesson plan, we should think about the plan B as the back plan. It will help us when there is happen unpredictable moment like students does the activities faster then we estimate.

When we create lesson plan, of course we should create a worksheet to clarify or measure students’ understanding. To create a worksheet, we use Bloom Taxonomy as our guiding. First, we should read all resources to write the worksheet. Second, we try to combine several learning ability when constructing the worksheet. Third, put some pictures to support the worksheet understandable. Fourth, please use suitable fonts and sizes to make the worksheet readable.

To help teacher to make students more understanding about the materials, teacher can plan activities like educative games. As the example, teacher asks students to make a match between answer and the problem. It will be more interesting then paper-pencil based. Besides that, teacher can ask the older class to do presentation in young class. We have to always remember to give praise or rewards for our students after did an activity.

As a teacher, we should be creative teacher and friendly teacher not only for students but also for parents, then the teaching and learning process can run smoothly and effectively. For students, we should be a friend, parents, and counselor.

In doing administrative work, as a teacher, we should do administrative work like report’s student. To write the report of students’ development, teacher should write and explain the report in narrative style by writing all of the activities that the students did during learning process in school.

To face annoying parents, we should hear what they say to us until they finish their complaining and try to explain their complaining as much as we can. If we cannot explain anything to them, try to direct them to meet someone who knows the detail problem. It will be better than we explain which we don’t know the problem.

That’s all that I noted of this session in this week. I hope it will helpful for the reader even the flow to read is a bit difficult. Thank you.