This week is the first MMSEL Class in 2012, hope in this year we all can learn with new spirit. In this week, like usual, we learn with our friend as the facilitator. This week is Lega, Namirah and Meti’s turn to be the facilitator. They divide the class in to four groups and using jigsaw to facilitate our learning. Each group were given different material about planning for effective classroom. They facilitate our learning with material and also guiding question for each group.

My group were given the reading material about classroom organization. From the material I learn that to plan for effective classroom we should inform the students about routine procedure early in the beginning year of the class. This is part of making classroom regulation in the early academic year. This is important, because by doing so will save more time rather than having to remind the students repeatedly in the teaching and learning activity. Routine procedure include what is need to be done without teacher have to inform the procedure repeatedly. For example, having some students  clean the white board before the class begin, have the students come 5 minutes before the class begin and so on.

Recalling from my past experience in high school, my mathematics teacher also have routine procedure also, she inform the students early in the beginning of the semester that all the exercise in class should be submitted before she leaves the class and she doesn’t have to remind the students, so if students submit the exercise outside the class after she leave the class, then she won’t accept it. This routine procedure was working well, by having this routine she had all students submit their exercise on time in the class.

From the jigsaw discussion, I also learn from other groups about the importance to set the classroom management in the first day of the class. Setting the classroom management, like classroom rules, sitting position, routine procedure and discussing about classroom target should be done in the first week of the semester, as this will determine the success of classroom management. Since setting the classroom management in the first week of the semester is very crucial, it can be said that the first week will set the tone for the year. So it will be a good practice as teacher to set all his/her classroom management as early as possible. It does not mean that teacher cannot revise or change the classroom management setting during the semester time, but to make sure the whole year run smoothly, it is better to have it settled up earlier.