Different with the previous meetings of MMSEL’s course, this week we had a guest lecturer. This time, i would like to share about my experience when i had a sharing moment with Ibu Arum from SD Kembang. She is a young teacher and also she was a student from one of Sampoerna Foundation program that was Sampoerna Foundation Teachers Institute (SFTI).

Ibu Arum shared about her experience in teaching at SD Kembang. She shared about her teaching method/skills, her preparation and also her difficulties in teaching. Although her experience in teaching is only about three years experience, i learned a lot from her.

At first, she explained how set a regulation or rules in the classroom is very important thing to do. She told us that at SD Kembang, she set the rules for the students in detail description. For example the rules for lunch time, playing soccer time and the rules to keep the clean environment at school. She said that by using the rule, it help her to control the class situation and also made her students more discipline.

She also stated that it was not an easy job to make all her students follow the rules. She said that it is teacher’s job to make a good environment and to push the students adapt with the rules. The rules should made based on the agreement from the teacher and also the students. The students also must know the risk if they didn’t obey the rules because they had agree the rules at the first.

In learning process, very important for teacher to respect the students and gave reward for students work. Many kind of reward that Ibu Arum used, one of them is certificate. Ibu Arum gave the students who had good achievement a certificate. She believed that the reward will improve students’ self esteem. So she could motivate the students to learn better.

Ibu Arum said that teaching is a happy job for her, it is so challenging and gave her million experiences. She said that in teaching we must show to the students that we are happy teach them. Never show a lazy attitude in front of them because it will also thing that laziness is a good thing. Teacher is a role model so teacher should act in good role for the students.

Ibu Arum also told us that it is very important to make a lesson plan. She realized and felt that making a lesson plan is not an easy task, but she said that the lesson plan is very helpful in teaching. She recommended us when we become a teacher to always pay attention in preparation before teaching, especially making lesson plans.

Actually, still so many things that i learned from Ibu Arum. She really gave us a review about a real school situation and about how she manage the classroom and motivate the students to learn. I really enjoy the conversation between us and her. I hope the next day we will have a very inspirational guest lecturer again :). Thanks Ibu Mima for provide Ibu Arum for us.