This week session of MMSEL was join class between sections A, C and D. I love this guest lecturer session because I thought that I could learn directly a lot from practitioner not always the theories. But unfortunately, there was only one guest lecturer L. The guest lecturer is came form SD Kembang and luckily I have observed her in her class.

I knew the learning environment in her school was very supportive for teaching and learning. Each class consists of max 20 students. Whaw! I hope if public school has it. I can’t imagine that thing. What I learn from her was so much!

First, I learn about Rules and Procedures in the classroom. She showed us her students’ poster about classroom rules and procedures. As a candidate of teacher, I should aware for this thing. Rules and Procedures in the first meeting of the class are important. If its already made in the first meeting, it will help us to stick to the plan and it also make students to take their responsibility to obey their rules and procedures.

Second, I learn about the Classroom Setting. As a teacher, we can do as many as we want to set the classroom. Their seating arrangement can impact students to learn. But be careful with those in the back. We should make sure that if teacher stand in front of the class, all students can see the teacher clearly. I have my own experience with the classroom setting. In my last teaching experience, I made the class into groups and asked them sit in the groups. They said that sitting in groups are different with usual and they said that they can moved easily to asked their friends and asked the teacher. I made them into 5 groups and arrange them to make W letter in the class.

Third, I learn about the worksheet that her gave to their students. Actually it’s a tradition from school, to not have learned from the textbooks, but being a teacher who always makes worksheets will help the teacher itself. In my last teaching experience, I made a worksheet too. It was really hard to make a worksheet because I should pretend that I am the student who knows nothing and if I read the worksheet I can understand it. We should make the worksheet with friendly language so that students can easily understand the material. In making a worksheet we can also had Bloom Taxonomy into it. The aim of Bloom Taxonomy is to train students into their higher order thinking skills.

Fourth, I learn about the teacher affect. Actually my guest lecturer kind like an easy going person. And I like her statement about “I don’t care about people said of being a teacher, I like it and I enjoy it.” It was same with my perception. Many people are neglected the people who want to become a teacher and they always underestimate them. Because of this issue, I tried to learn and enjoy my profession now. Being a teacher is actually hard because we should take care of our students in the classroom and we have to take responsibility if one or some students in the classroom is not understand the material. Not always in the material, but also in their habitude. If the teacher comes to the class with ‘fire’ (I mean Spirit) the students can boost their mood into it. So the classroom will walk effectively.

Well, that’s all from me. I knew that there still much more things I can get from her.

Thank you.