Ms. Arum shared her experience to us about teacher profession in SD Kembang. This time is very interesting. She shared learning process in SMA Kembang and how she becomes a teacher in there, really nice story. She told us that becoming a homeroom teacher is any convenience for teacher because s/he could manage class, set the rules and others. I like SD Kembang learning process and its all attributes that support learning process such as rules, festival or others kind of students’ activity. What I learned from Ms. Arum engage students with the rules that made by themselves is we teach students to be responsible what already they said. This is the way teacher manage class without much intervention in students doing, rather more to remind about what students already stated before. It becomes easier for teacher of course. Might be it would be tricky if we asked students to do little activities alternately, for examples today is the task for X to hole the paper and fold it in binder. But, Ms. Arum said that it would much help in class, students get same proportion of task and alleviate teacher task to manage the class. It’s really class like students’ own class. The rules that been made by Ms. Arum’ students is very unique even in detail. The words and the language is familiar to elementary students because it very detail.

Ms. Arum also shared about SD Kembang’ curriculum and system which is not stuck with one textbook, rather free the teacher to plan the learning activities only with curriculum guidelines. It would be interesting, because it’s true when we learning is not enough only with a book. We need many books to get more knowledge. This system of course demand teacher to work harder, however it’s very interesting. Through this kind of system, we could facilitate students’ need rather than just stuck with a book only. By this system also, teacher should be creative because demanded to always create a meaningful and fun learning. In planning the unit plan /lesson plan, Ms. Arum gave suggestion to did it in complete through a period and make it in detail. She also gave suggestion to insert some resources and others that needed in order to prepare if teacher in duty could come, sub teacher could handle the class through readable lesson plan. Then what I highlighted was when she gave suggestion to lesson planning in our favorite place, for example in coffee shop with read resources and listen to music. However, for some PNS teacher or teacher with limited money, don’t do the same. Just do lesson planning in comfort place as you thought because the example would spend much money. However, don’t forget to made also the backup plan because as she said that we can’t stop smart students to do fast in learning right? Or to skip learning when students is slower than expected. Here we really need back up plan for. Ms. Arum also shared the important of keep good relation with parents. It’s important to always repost students’ improvement to parents. That is why in communicate with parents, there are several types of parents that should be faced by teacher, from ignorance to full attention parents. In communicate students learning, teacher should be detail in reporting, the strength of each students to the weakness of each students. It comes especially when the time for “raport time”. If needed tell parents in detail of topic in lesson.

What makes SD Kembang different, especially with the teacher is about teacher approach with students. Teacher should know in detail each students’ characteristics even the hobby or the interest. While the class environment is very supportive since the number of students is max. 20. Teacher very closed to students. That is why, teacher could consider it in planning and treat students in each lesson. By knowing each students’ in detail, it would help us to praise or improve the students strength. For example, in SD Kembang, teacher gave each students a kind of certificate that make each student is special, for example certificate to Y who always using clothes tidily. Here teacher need to know each student. And by doing this kind of appreciation would motivate students to do good behavior.

Ms. Arum also gave us suggestion to design the learning activities in fun, meaningful and step by step. For example in B. Indonesia, she read a story then asked students about 5W 1H, then next slowly ask students to read story and identify. She also sometimes integrated TTS and other to learning. Then I thought, it’s very easy to private school doing that, than public school? Fund limitation, big number of students, could it be the same in public school. Even Ms. Arum could not imagine if she thought in public school. Might be different, however, what should I think is wherever I will teach, I should enjoy my profession.

Keep Learning….