For this week, we have a join session with Section C and D, with a guest lecturer Bu Arum. Bu Arum is a homeroom teacher for grade 6th in SD Kembang.

It was a very interesting session. Bu Arum shared her experience as a primary teacher. It’s her third year teaching for primary students. She has many unique experiences and I learn a lot from it. What I remember the most is when she said that she loves teaching because she can create her own world in a class. With her 12 students, she designs the Rules & Regulation plus the consequences of it. As teacher she has her privilege to manage the classroom setting and all. She has three unique baskets in her class for the students to collect their work: unfinished, finished and submit. This is very cool! I want to have this kind of box later in my class.

Each student in the class has their own roles. I think this is very good as chance for students to learn about responsibility form task that they are assigned to. The class also has Agenda board to help reminding students to their assignment and the students themselves who have to fill in the board.

Bu Arum also shared about the process of her making the lesson plan and worksheet for her class. According to her, although we already have the whole lesson planned, we still have to have a backup plan. Here is some tips from her:

  • Writing journal: this is very useful when we still have free time. Students can also exercise their writing skill plus analysis thinking through this activity. Make sure we bring up an interesting heading for students to write about and also provide them with guiding question.
  • Games & Origami: this is another way to fill in our free time, and this exciting activity can also make students do not feel bored.
  • Peer teaching: if we have some students who have faster phase in doing a worksheet, we can have them help others students to do the worksheet.

In this session, Bu Arum also emphasized about the important of giving Praise & Reward to students. And make sure we give it special for each student. I agree with this because in this form we can show our appreciation to students’ hard work.

Other messages I got from the session are as teacher, we should help students to set their goal and target for their development. Another thing which also important is to teach with values. In planning the lesson, we need to include the value of creativity, leadership, motivation, self interest, etc.

Last thing is about Documentation. It will be very good if we always keep record of what we have been done and share it to the world! We can improve our teaching through self-reflection and feedback from others.

I like this session very much! I learn a lot of things from the practitioner from the field. Wish to have more session like this in the future. 🙂