Teaching Joyfully

             This was the second week we learnt in MMSEL class after we got midterm examination. As we already knew, after midterm each group was going to teach alternately. For this week, Pienthas’ group was the group which taught us.

I could remember well the material that they gave to us. It was because they taught us with different way. Joyful and attractive. Especially about the game. In the last minute, they gave us a game. The game was related to the topic, of course. We should match some pieces of paper that already available in front of the class.

The group that the first finished the game and all the answers were correct, would be the winner. There was a price for the winner.

Actually my group already finished the game as the first group, but they asked us to move the papers into the front of the class.  So we became the second group because there was already a group which did the activities in front of the class T.T

That group and my group had all correct answer. Because the winner must be only one, then they gave the price into that group. Haha. We lost.

I just want to add that, teaching with using a joyful method is very useful because students could remember the material easily with connecting it into the activities in the class.

When I reflect in my experience as a student in elementary school, junior high school and also senior high school, I think not all of my teachers realize that studying is should be fun. Moreover was about history. I just remember about the date of indonesia’s independence day and Sumpah Pemuda’s day. The rest is lost in my deep mind 😀 hahaha

That’s why I said that it is very good to create a fun atmosphere in the teaching and learning process.


Quotes for today,

“Actually, students are no need to try remembering the material. They just need to enjoy the lesson, and then remembering will follow after.”


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009