This week was special week with the special lecturer along we learn MMSEL course. We were visited by a great teacher from SD Kembang. She was miss Sekar Ayu Adhaningrum, or the nick name is miss Arum. She was so inspiring teacher for us, she shared her experience as a homeroom teacher, she was a homeroom teacher for grade six in SD Kembang. Miss Arum said that, “one of the best thing being a homeroom teacher is you can set the class into your own ‘world”. She also showed us some rules in her class that were made by her students in that class, so the rules were their agreement between students and teacher. Through agreements, the students will be more respect to the rules. According to the theories about order and safety that we were already learnt, by making agreement between teacher and students about student’s daily activity and rules, students will be feel confortable physical and emotional. So, I saw that Bu Arum was applied this theories and it was run well.

Actually, I have ever visited SD Kembang when I was in first and second semester for did observation along two weeks. The first things that I surprised, students in this school are not wearing school uniform like the other school, and also students are so expert in speak English. Then I thought that this school was a great school with the great teachers. Based on my experience in observed SD Kembang, I saw that every class have their agreements, for example procedure in doing and submit the tasks, put the bag and their drink, and etc. And I saw every students was habitual did it, no need the teacher’s instruction anymore.

Miss Arum told us that being a teacher a great prophesy and we have to proud of it. Even some people still underrate this prophesy but we as an actor have to prove that being a teacher is the best prophesy. Like Miss Arum was did, she share what she did in the classroom on social networking, she promote her student’s creation into blog and it was made some parent were proud and happy with this. Finally I can conclude from so many things that I’ve gotten from her sharing; we have to love what we do, and everything will be nice. So, keep our spirit to being a great teacher! Love what we do..

That’s all from me,

Thank You 🙂