Inspiring Guest Lecturer

             Different with other weeks behind, this week, our class (actually with another two classes) got a guest lecturer. She said, we can call her Ms. Arum. She is a 6th grade teacher in Sekolah Kembang. She shared so many things to us. From the beginning she got a job until when finally she was falling love with Sekolah Kembang.

One thing that I remember the most is, she said “Do something you love. You will not show your best performance when you do something you don’t love at.”

When I heard that thing, I try to remember again why I did not make my reflections on-time some weeks ago.

And I get the answer. It’s because I forget how much I like writing. It’s because i was too busy doing thing that I don’t really like (until took much my time and energy to do that). It’s because I was blinded of so much worry and concerns.

And I realize that “it’s not true! I should make it true then…”

I love writing. I love painting. I love hiking. I love swimming. I love running. I love planting. I should go back to that way.

Here I am 😀 I am going back to write.

I also become more optimistic about being a teacher.  Because I do love teaching. There is no more change about this thing. When I choose to become a teacher, then I am gonna be a teacher 🙂

Big thanks, Ms. Arum 🙂

Quote for today,

“Do what you love, Love what you choose.”


 Ester Anitasari – 2009110009