Guest Lecturer..

This week session is facilitated by one teacher from Sekolah Kembang. She was Ibu Arum. She entitled this session by “I am a Happy Teacher”.  I am familiar with her since I have ever enter her class to observe how she taught.

Ibu Arum presented us how she taught in Sekolah Kembang. She told that she made so many lesson plan and worksheet for the students. Her school did not use any textbook, so teacher will be the one to design the lesson.

I am interested when she spoke about rules in the classroom. I have learned the theory in this course. Ibu Arum made me realized that the rules for students in each level of class were reallly different.

Another thing that make me impressed by her is when she designed the assessment that achieve CREATE stage in Bloom Taxonomy. She asked her students to create the NEW animal CREATURE that can do adaptation to their environment for science subject.

One day, when I become a teacher I will also set the rules for my students so they can be independent students and have a self-regulation. I will also try to be as creative as possible to design the lesson so they won’t be bored and maximize their learning.

Vanny Septia Efendi