New Year for me not too special, because I have view that every second we face is always new. That was happened in a class as always, I am not waiting for a year to have a new spirit, to make a new plan, let’s act, whenever you ready.

Moreover, now MMSEL class is taught by MMSEL (Meti, Mira, also Lega) 😀 . The class was full of spirit. Meti start to deliver the lesson with her own way, unique and ellegant. Mira explain something logically in a good order, so we could understand deeper. Lega delivered material with sharing and explaining connection between what we share and what we will learn with full of spirit. That was an effective setting of class teaching partition, guys!
There are five principles that needed to plan effective classroom, as below:

• Developmental differences influence classroom management
What I got from Pientha’s explanation is we have to consider student’s developmental in managing classroom. It should be different how teacher in the college students manage the class, if it is compared with elementary teacher. The only reason is because the developmental differences. Developmental differences possible to have different cognitive developmental, responses and social cognitive development, etc.

• Management and instruction are interdependent
Of course, giving instruction should be managed, so it will clearly given and understandable for students.
• Organization is essential for effective classroom management
This point is my reflection on my teaching MMSEL’s class. When we have games session, the situation is not organized well, may unexpected variables comes. The result is, the class cannot effectively manage well since all students gave many critics during the games.

• Rules and procedures are the cornerstone of an effective management system
This meeting, I got the new frame of thinking. Actually, rules and procedure is not only talking about what should do and not do in academic and tolerance case, but also talking about social phenomena. For example, someone who are bullied by his friends. As a teacher, will be better to make a rule for not to avoid someone in class because of his different, rather than giving some advices for him (someone who are bullied). It will enhance student’s acceptance in social context at class, that also influence student’s academic improvement.

• The first days or school set the tone for the year.
Arrange the best first impression to our students in class is important. First impression will affect student’s perception about the teacher. As what I reflect to my own experience, first impression sometimes will change what other says about the object. So, build the best impression is one of the good approaches to build a good relationship with the students.

Now, it is my obligation as a teacher candidate to apply those five principles as the basic of having an effective management classroom.

Let’s Act! What about you, guys? 🙂

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