Planning for effective classroom management is the topic that we learnt for the thirtieth week of MMSEL’s course. The class is began with discussion or sharing each other which is guided by my classmates they are Mire (Namirah), Memet (Meti), and Lega. It’s time for them to be lecturer for teaching MMSEL.

JIGSAW.  Yeah, jigsaw is the one of the way that is applied in the class. We are distributed into several group randomly and each group received different mini topic, and the topic of my group is about “Rules and Procedures are the Cornerstone of an Effective Management System”. My group consists of Anggi, Erita, SHopia, Septi, and I. Our discussion view that this principle (rules and procedures) will help teacher, because by designing rules and procedures effectively can facilitate both academic and social-emotional learning. Rules are description of standard for acceptable behavior, and procedures are guidelines for accomplishing requiring task (Carter & Doyle, 2006; Good & Brophy, 2008). Rules are designed to facilitate effective management system in the class. It’s very recommended for teacher to design rules in the classroom in the first day of teaching and the rules should be made by agreement between students and teacher. The rules are contained what we (students and teacher) are allowed to do and not. How whether rules and procedures could facilitate both academic and social-emotional learning?.  When I was in senior high school, my Indonesia teacher is very discipline and we called her as “killer teacher”, forgot about the labeling, I will focus on the way how she manages the class. In the first day of her teaching, she guided us to make a MoU (Memorandum of misunderstanding) of our class, in the rules there is rules that all students should be speak up and when the teacher give question all student must to raise the hand. I guess, this rules would facilitate students who are shy2 to share their mind to the class and even it seems like a forcing, but it’s very helpful for students to increase student’s confidence and their thinking.

Developmental Differences Influence Classroom Management, every students have different ability which is influences to classroom management. There are three aspect of development in term students’ ability; they are cognitive, affective and psychomotor. What the most important is, the teacher must be aware to what level that s(h)e will teach, elementary? Junior? Or senior high school? However, the developments of each level are different and it will affect towards classroom management. Teacher can prepare that is suitable for teaching students who has difference development, such as class activity, in making lesson plan etc.

Management and Instruction are interdependent, both of those principle is affecting each others, because when managements are well, it’s caused by the giving instruction are clear, and vice versa,  And Classroom organization is essential for classroom management. For example, when the teacher can organize the class well, then the well classroom management will be well too. The good classroom organization means that teacher has professional skill, which is preparing material before enter the class, start and finish the class on time, the transition quickly and smoothly, and able to create well-establishes routine. I’m be remember, when teaching experience was done on the fourth semester, my master teacher said that the think that very  like for students are if the teacher finish the class on time, even there is still material that is not delivered yet to the class.

The last one is about first days of school sill set the tone for the year. It tends to teacher are recommended to create good image when the first days of school (for the year). Good image for this terms means that teacher should to decide what the style that would be used in the class, and the rules and procedures are much recommended to state clearly in this time. I have a suggestion in my mind, I don’t know why if I meet with the new teacher and the first see h(s)e [new teacher] make me negative thinking (ill feel), then in the next session it will be vice versa to my first assumption. 😀

That’s all about my reflection for MMSEL for 13th session. What the important thing is, we as teacher candidate can apply those principles into the real class continuously, and we reflect what we have done and make it to be better. 🙂

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