Last Monday we were taught by our friend again. In this opportunity we were taught by Namirah, Meti and Lega. We learnt about Planning for Effective Classroom Management.

Creating productive learning environments in the class begins with planning, and to make the planning for effective classroom management, we have to consider with some aspects and principle. These include the following:

  • Developmental differences influence classroom management
  • Management and instruction are independent
  • Organization is essential for effective classroom management
  • Rules and procedures are the cornerstone of an effective management system
  • The first days or school set the tone for the year.

Like usual we learn with Jigsaw method, because I think this method is the most appropriate with us and already familiar. We was divided the group by counting one until four, and I get number three as my group.

The first group discuss about Developmental Differences influence classroom management. They told us how to ménage the students based on their cognitive level. Before we implement a methods or something in the class we have to see the student’s cognitive level first. Because all we do in learning activity in the classroom should be consider with the students.

The second group discuss about ‘Managements and Instruction Are Interdependent’ and also about ‘Classroom Organization’. Based on this group discussion we were told that Teacher have to give the instruction which appropriate with the classroom condition. Daily communication with the students is also important to know the classroom condition. While, the classroom organization is a skill that have to be possessed by teacher. Organization is a professional skill that include preparing material in advance, starting classes and activities on time, making transitions quikly and smoothly, and creating well-established routines.

The third group is my group, we discuss about ‘Rules and Procedures Are the Cornerstone of an Effective Management System’. Based on our discussion, rules and procedures are important to create well management classroom, because by the rules and procedure that is applied in that class, the classroom will be neat and orderly or otherwise. The example of rules and procedure is if we are asked by the lecturer to submit the assignment at 4.00 PM to her room through the class leader.  The time and the location are the rules and through the class leader is procedure.

In our discussion we have an example how the classroom management could be facilitates both academics and social-emotional learning.  If we have an excluded or isolated student, we can help her/him by making a rule for whole students in the classroom to do not to exclude their classmate. It is better than we do individual effort to help excluded students.

For the fourth group is about ‘The First day of School Set the Tone for the Year’. Yes, I agree with this statement. Because based on my experience in the last school, I felt that the first day was set the tone for the year, if in the first day I felt enjoy and interesting with the teacher, lesson, or with my friends so it will be set the tone for the years. That’s why make the first day in the school became interesting is important for both the teacher and students.

That’s all for me,

Thank you