This week we learned with the new spirit, the effect of new year..hehe..Well, this week we learned with our class trio Ms. Namirah, Ms. Meti and Mr. Lega. They brought a material about planning for effective classroom management. This material consist of 5 basic principles that we discuss in group. As the other group, the group presented and prepare the lesson well. We discuss through jigsaw and poster presentation. I like the part when we become reflective about students’ characteristics in secondary or elementary are different. We should consider first when we will give them treatment based on their cognitive level. That is true when we haven’t experienced yet teaching in lower to upper school we only presume that teaching in lower is more easily, but that’s not always true. It depends on each individual interest and characteristics towards teaching.

Topic of this week is very important for us as teacher candidate since when we know the basic principle of effective classroom, it would enables us to guide the planning for productive learning environment which is support teaching and learning process. It also indicates that good environment reflect on well managed classroom.

Through Jigsaw, we discuss about the fifth basic principles of planning classroom management that are: developmental differences influence classroom management, management and instruction are interdependent, organization is essential for  effective classroom management, rules and procedures are the cornerstone of an effective management system, the first days of school set the tone for the year.

The first principles state that students’ development would influence classroom management. This is related to theory of stage development which is make teacher should differ the instruction to each stage development. It would be different when we teach elementary or kindergarten with secondary students. Teacher should adjust the assignment, learning activities with their stages. When we looked at elementary student, they still had a play soul. We should not give them like paper essay or anything, rather we approach them using games or discovery learning through investigating the real worlds.

For second and third principles, this topic discussed by a group. For the second principles, the mean of interdependent is when teacher could plan for good/effective instruction it would affect the classroom management become as well. As teacher, when we would like to have well managed classroom, we should plan effective instruction to the class.

Third principles state that classroom organization is essential for make an order environments. Organization it-self is kind of skill that includes: preparing materials in advance, starting classes and activities on time, make transitions quickly and smoothly, and creating well-established routines. While well-established routine itself make effective cognitive energy, since teacher would not spend more energy to explaining or reminding students about what to do.

Fourth principles, rules and procedures. This rules and procedures are state as cornerstone of an effective management system since both could facilitate both academic and social-emotional learning. I do had really experience in it when learning in high school. My civic education teacher give us a rule not to disturb or do chat with friends during the class. the one who did would get punishment. Then the whole of my class fear to do it. We just keep silence. It’s different with my history teacher that always telling the lesson in front of the class and when some of my friends have a talk, he warns, then it works for a while and continue to the next time. So the rule as stated with my civic education teacher is more effective rather only some warning to some students that make a distraction.

The fifth principle state that the first day of school set the tone for the year. That is commonly true accepted. I already experienced with some teacher since in kindergarten. The first time they deliver the lesson would have the stereotype of teaching  way till the end of he/she teaching. When the first time teacher come up with good delivery at first automatically I would assume that this teacher way in teaching is good and I don’t want to make one less of the day I enter the classroom. So it’s very important to give good impression in the first meeting.

After having Jigsaw, we also have a poster making session which is related to the first principles and fourth principles. How we identify the characteristics of each students in each level and how we adjust the rule to their characteristics.

That’s all