This week, again, we taught by our own classmates. The topic that they delivered is about Planning for Effective Classroom Management. It was the first meeting for our MMSEL’s course and opened the class this year. Related to the past holiday, the group opened the class by using a reflective question “What we have learned for the previous year?” I thought that the question was good, but because I was confused that time about how many topics that I had learned so I didn’t give any comments to response their question. Still, it was a good way to open the class.

Then the group, as usual like previous groups did, divide the students into some groups. Obviously, I knew what would we do, we would discus or did jigsaw. My prediction was correct, the group did jigsaw. In my opinion, although it seems like I repeated the situation/learning method for many past meetings, I tried to appreciate what they prepared for us.

For the first topic, the material that I got to read was about developmental differences influence classroom management. Based on my group discussion, the material still relate with the topic from Educational Psychology that is about stage of cognitive development. The main point from this material was that as a teacher we should consider our students’ level of cognitive development. As a teacher, we should threats our students based on their level like how we give different treatment to elementary students and senior high school students.

After the discussion, the group asked us to do a jigsaw. I moved and made a new group and discussed different material. The most interested topic, I though, in this new group that we discussed actually was about how important the students first day at school and how this first day influenced the learning process in the future.

I imagined someday when I become a teacher and it is the first day I meet the students. I could imagine how nervous I am that time. One thing that I should do is preparation. I should prepare my teaching methods, the introduction and many other things. I can’t wait for that moment! 