Happy New Year all. This reflection is my first reflection in 2012. This monday, my friends Naami, Lega and Meti are taught us about Planning for Effective Classroom Management. There are five principles on Planning it; developmental Differences Influence Classroom Management, Management and instruction are interdependent, Organization is essential for effective classroom Management, Rules and Procedures are the cornerstone of an effective Management System, and last is The first days of school set the tone for the year.

The class activity begun with a four expert group discuss each principles and then we separate into some groups to explain to other (Jigsaw Reading). This group are motivated me to learn in the class but I get a little bit boring in the expert discussion. They consume much time on the discussion.

Well actually I get the first principle which is Developmental Differences Influence Classroom Management. This principle is being an important information for teachers. As a teacher, you have to be careful and care of your students development. Because students development will be very useful for teacher to design what activity should teacher implement in the classroom and to make a productive classroom. If we think logically, there will be much different of learning design for elementary students and high school students. Because we can see from Piaget’s theory, they both are located in different stages of thinking. They abilities are different, while elementary students still think concrete and high school students are able to think concrete.

Well I have an experience of this principle. My part-time teacher in high school, she graduated from teacher college in Bandung, English major, got trouble with her first year of teaching. She taught an elementary students for two years before she become my part-time teacher in my school. She said that teaching elementary students needs more power and patients because what will you see in the class is students walking around the class and they will not pay full attention to you. Well…. yes that will be true x_x. And when she taught to my class, she still brings her patient and her power. Me(as high school student) feels awkward to this teacher because her style of teaching are funny and she treat us like an elementary student hahahaha. I don’t know what happen with her but if I was her, I should change my style of teaching and I should make a difference between high school students and elementary students.

The last activity is rules and procedure make!!! as a high school students, I really hate rules and procedure because sometimes it underestimate minor people huihuhuhuhu. But as a candidate a teacher I should learn how my students feels and after that I can make some rules and procedures not only from my point of view but also from them. It will be fair (I hope).

Well, that’s all from this week. I hope we will get many information for next meeting.

Cheers *coffee*

Pientha Glenys Amanti