Monday, January 2nd 2012, was my first day to be back to campus. I did not have full spirit to study, moreover in the first dayL. I lost my motivation to learn. I was not homesick, but I needed more holiday, hehehe. At 2 pm, motivation class was begun. I hoped I could burn my motivation after learning in this session.

This session discussed about planning for effective classroom management. Namirah, Meti, and Lega would be my expert. In the beginning, they asked us about our planning in the New Year. Then they asked us to make a group consist of 4 until 5 members. I was in group 4, consist of Vanny, Icha, Zaen, and I. We got the last sub-topic; it was about “the first day of school set the tone for the year”. Namirah displayed a guiding question on the slide so that we were easy to find what the mean of this topic about. Then, my group discussed about our sub-topic. We were enthusiasm in discussing. We talked about what principal did to help teacher in planning an effective classroom management. Our results were briefing and sharing session, teaching simulation, monitoring, lesson plan assessing, reflection, and the other activities for teacher. Then Namirah’s group asked us to make new group that consist of all members of expert group. My new group was Pientha, Synta, Teteh Via, and Ester. But actually my expert group was misunderstanding about the guiding question on the slide. We read “principal”, but actually “principle”.  Oh my God!!!!! My group was sooooooooooo freak!! haha :D. But finally we could explain the right one that we knew about our sub-topic (thanks God!).

In this session, I got new knowledge how to plan an effective classroom management. First is about developmental differences. From Pientha’s explanation, developmental different can influence how to design the appropriate activity to our future classroom. We have to think about their grade. If we face primary students, we prefer to use individual learning than group work, because primary students are too noisy to work in group. For secondary students, we will choose to ask them to work in group. They are easier to accept instruction and work cooperatively. Second is about instruction and classroom organization. Based on Synta’s explanation, when teacher already well in giving instruction, it can affect in class management, so both aspects are interdependent. And then, there are four criteria to be good in classroom organization; preparing material in advance, starting classes and activities on time, making transitions quickly and smoothly, and creating well-established routines. Third explanation is about rules and procedure in the classroom, come from Teteh Via. Rules actually are descriptions of standards for acceptable behavior, and procedure is about guidelines of routine in the class. Then, my sub-topic is about the first day in school. Actually, our first impression will set our tone for the next. So we have to be careful to choose what we will do at the first session with our students.

In the end of session, we discussed about the trick to teach students in primary and secondary. I felt that I prefer to teach in primary grade than secondary. I do love children. I feel comfortable when I teach them, when I look at their activity, when I sit beside them, when I have a chit chat, and all activity with them. I think that actually my passion is for primary students.  No problem, because I still in the education area, and being an educatorJ.


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