There comes our group, consists of Namirah, Lega, and Meti, delivers the material about “Planning for Effective Classroom Management”. We have known that we will be teaching in the first meeting after holiday which is January 2nd. We will know that it will not be as easy as usual to gather and discuss the material since we will be far from each other in a holiday.

That is why we tried to find the material from the textbook authored by Eagen and Kauchak far before holiday. It is so kind of Bu Mima to copy the material for us. We promised to master the material during holiday and discuss it online sometime before New Year.

The preparation did not run as smooth as we plan. It had been hard to contact each other until January 1st. On January 1st (Sunday, and we will teach on Monday), we decided to discuss it online. One of the member, Namirah, send the email of presentation slides via email to other members. If Lega or Meti had something to add or revise from the slides, they will send the changes back again to Namirah.

Actually we a bit confused with the guidelines written in the module. The module outline stated about “five principles in planning for effective classroom management” but it is not stated in the lesson objectives. Since we thought that this part is important, we includes this sub-topic without ignoring the objectives of the lesson.

On Monday morning, we copied the material give for students and did second discussion upon the slides and the lesson plan. After everyone in the group agreed on the flow an every detail of the lesson, we did quick rehearsal.

All preparation had been done well by us and the result was not so far from that. The opening session was facilitated by Lega Problema. We thought that it run well. He could facilitate all the students to recall 3 last chapters from chapter 5 to 8. Not only that, he also could relate it with the christmas and new year holiday. He asked some students, either who went home or stayed in Jakarta, how many they opened MMSEL module while having fun in the holiday. As general, the opening run well, the students were enthusiastic to join in the learning process.

Then, when Jigsaw Session, Meti guided all students to make some groups well. Actually, one thing that we would like to say is obviously Meti has own special strength in her humorous charisma. She could make the students laugh with her speaking. She also facilitated each grup to discuss well. In addition, something that made Jigsaw Discussion could run well was Lega and Mira’s support to help her in coordination and organizing the presentation. After that, the sharing session based on the discussion done well too because of the good coordination of us. We could triggered the students to do critical thinking.

The learning session was continued by comparing characteristics and rules in elementary and secondary school. We facilitated all the groups to do discussion again to elaborate the characteristics of each level of students and make the rules for them. Discussion also could run well. The students looked very interest for doing that, they shared each other about their previous experiences. Sometimes, when we close to them, we heard something funny and made us wanted to laugh, but we tried not to laugh. As teachers, we wanted to appreciate all they shared. As general, all had done enjoyful and in the end of the learning session, we closed it by a wonderful reflection.

There is no perfect person. We still have so many weaknesses in guiding our friends in class. At the first time asked our friends to make group discussion, we feel confused what should we do, finally, we tried going to another group to control what they do. Sometimes we are not assertive to stop a group who has not finished the discussion while in fact the time was up. We should be better in managing the time, so we don’t have to spend too many times only for discussion. When group discussion runs, there are some students who discuss out of the lesson, we should more be able to control the activities our friends when they are in discussion group. The distribution of tasks for guiding friends in class was not going well. That’s all  reflection for this week.  Thank you very much for Ms. Mima who had provided an additional explanation that can help students better understand the lessons. 🙂

MLM Group ——  Meti-Lega-Mira