This week the class continued learning about classroom management. As we learned, last week, the class learned about the importance of well managed classroom and we knew the four things which a teacher must do to create a well-managed classroom, which are Establish Expectations, Establish Credibility, Establish Professionalism, and Establish Value. This week, we learned about how teacher plan and create a productive learning environment for classroom management in class.

This subtopic is delivered by Namire, Meti, and Lega. They delivered materials by using JigSaw method and sharing each other not only materials but also own experience. The class ran in well-organized. I was so interesting to learn more about this topic because I am as teacher candidate needs this subtopic to create a productive learning environment in my own classroom. This subtopic is as compliment from previous topic and subtopic which I have already learned.

Creating productive learning environment begins with planning to make the class in effective classroom management. To plan it, there are five principles for a productive learning environment; Developmental differences influence classroom management, Management and instruction are interdependent, Classroom organization is essential for classroom management, Rules and procedures are the cornerstone of an effective management system, and The first days of school set the tone for the year.

Learning the first principles, make me reflection and remember my teacher in high school. Each of students is different. They have different background, characteristics, ability to understand the materials, and learning style. Hence, teacher must pay attention to students’ development to manage the classroom for a productive learning environment. If I analyzed the environment when I was in secondary high school and college, the style teacher managed the classroom in different way. Secondary teacher responded the students by giving full attention and care to find the solution, although college teacher responded the students to find the solution by their selves. As Carter&Doyle (2006, Emmer&Gerwels, 2006) explains that Planning to create a productive secondary classroom environment is not the same as planning for college classrooms. It is caused students think, act, and feel differently at different stages of development, and teacher need to respond to these differences when they ask or act something.

Learning the second principles, teacher should design the classroom management and make the instruction in the same goals of learning. It should do because management and instruction are interdependent. It means if teacher give students in wrong instruction, then it will destroy our class in unmanageable class. Teacher must plan for classroom management in simultaneously for effective instruction.

Learning the third principles, to make our own classroom in effective and productive classroom environment, teacher should prepare all of the materials in advance, starting the class and activities on time, design and make the transitions quickly and smoothly, and create well establish routine by constructing the agreement on the first meeting to support the class continuously. In short, teacher should be well-prepared because classroom organization is essential for creating orderly learning environment at every developmental level. For me, this principle is difficult because when I did teaching in high school I got difficulties to make the transition from one activity to next activity smoothly even I have estimate the time in my lesson plan. Until now, this principle is as my challenging and I do not know how to break the challenge.

The fourth principles, is about the rules and procedures. Both of are important to make class in effective management system. Design the Rules which describe the standard for acceptable behavior and the Procedure which guide for accomplishing recurring tasks, such as making transitions from one activity to another, can facilitate both academic and social-emotional learning. To construct the rules and procedures, teacher should pay attention in students’ level development and the characteristic because if teacher does not care about students’ character and the stages of development, the rules and procedure will be useless.

The fifth principles, it is important principle for teacher. I believe that the first day or the first meeting teacher meet students, it will give long term effect for the running of teaching and learning process. If teacher meet the students in well-prepared, it will establish teacher character in good impression. Otherwise, if teacher meet students in wrong time, students will be not respect and careless because at the first time, teacher give the bad impression for student.

In short, the five principles are important for teacher to create productive learning environment. Planning for effective classroom management; depends on students’ level of thinking, teacher, and influenced by socio-emotional.