The Christmas and New Year Holiday was end. All of us then do regular academic activities like before. We school again at January 2nd 2012 Monday. In this meeting, my group did teaching practice in MMSEL Class. I was in the same group with Namirah and Meti. Actually, it was a bit shocking for us. We were given “a hot thing” first before doing warming up after holiday. Hehee… We had to deliver material about “Planning for Effective Classroom Management”. To be honest, our preparation for delivering this material was very limited and minimally. We did preparation in one day only, exactly in Sunday evening till Monday morning. First, we did reviewing that topic, we learnt for one night while thought about some enjoyable and appropriate activities to be implemented in the class.

In the early Monday morning, we went to school earlier to discuss and compile our ideas. We did it quickly and then made a power-point presentation soon. After that, we divided our each role in the teaching practice. Finally, we learnt deeper based on our own role. From this limited and minimal preparation, I learnt something. First, we have long or short time, actually it is the same. Too much time given make us waste it for just a simple thing. However, when the time is limited, it forces us to use the time effectively and efficiently. We don’t have a chance to waste the time for just a simple thing. We can use the rest of the long time to do other important activities. Second, by the limited time to prepare, it makes us easier and faster to make decision(s). It could be happened because our mind is demanded to “think outside the box”. Therefore, some creative ideas arisen.

The time to act had come. We began to teach what we had learnt. We began by saying Happy New Year 2012 for all friends in Section A. That was my role. I did opening session and recalling. For recalling, I tried to relate the materials with their holiday. For friends who went home in their hometown, how many they open MMSEL Module. Also for friends who stayed in Jakarta (didn’t go home). Based on that, I encouraged them to mention what we had learnt till before holiday. I saw they were very enthusiastic and full spirit to learn. We were very glad to see that 🙂

After this, Bu Meti’s role was come. She began with a bit funny expression and saying. It made our friends laugh and stayed tune with us. Bu Meti divided the class into groups to do JIGSAW Discussion. Began from the expert group and then each of expert came back to the original group to do sharing session. Bu Meti gave some challenges after discussion. Then, the learning session was continued by Bu Mira. She asked the class about teaching elementary students and secondary students. Which of both was easier? Then, discussion was done again for each group to make “The Characteristics and Rules of Elementary/Secondary Students”. Then each of group did presentation and we close our teaching by reflection. All flowed happily and interestingly. We hope all that we had given would useful for them. Amen