Reflection week 9

This week was the first week after mid examination time. From this week until the next weeks before final examination, every group in my class would be the facilitators in each topic that we have decided by picking randomly before.

Fortunately, my group which consists of me, Richa and Sufi –still the same like before- got the first turn which was this week. We got topic about “Class Structure, Self-Regulated Learner and Teacher Characteristics.”

Accidentally, Sufi could not come in the class because of sick. It meant only me and Richa who would be the facilitators. To be honest, we did not have well preparation. All the things were sudden. Both of us only had a night to prepare all the materials one-to-one. I mean, me and Richa could not prepare together in the same place. Once again we took advantage of the technology. We sent the link and the file of the materials by email.

On Saturday in the previous week, I sent a message to our lecturer. I said that my group was not ready yet. I also asked to our lecturer if it was possible to change the turn with her. But she said that it could not be, because she was afraid another group would be envies. She also trusts us that we could do it. She also said, “Anything that could you prepare, just use it”. Finally, I and Richa sent email to our lecturer about the material that we would use in the class. She helped us a lot about the material paper especially to be printed and copied. Thanks Ibu 😀

In the learning process, we divided the class into 4 groups. Here were the groups’ topics:

1. Class Structure : Creating a mastery focused environment

2. Self-Regulated Learner : Developing students’ responsibility

Developing self-regulated : applying learners’ needs for self-determination

3. Teacher Characteristics : Personal qualities that increase motivation to learn

–      Personal teaching efficacy : belief about teaching and learning

–      Teacher expectations : increasing perceptions of competence

4. Teacher Characteristics : Personal qualities that increase motivation to learn

–      Modeling and enthusiasm : communicating genuine interest

–      Caring : meeting needs for belonging and relatedness

After each group mastered each topic that they got, we asked them to make a flipchart presentation and share by presenting it to other friends.

In the last time, we did checking understanding by asked them to choose the best answer for the questions that was displayed in the LCD screen.

From the activities that I passed through above, I really feel that preparation is the most important thing for teacher to take care of before going to teach. It becomes a big lesson for me –especially- . I could learn more how to teach J

Quote for today,

Learn how to teach well first before we teach how to learn well”



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